Black ERG – Artist Tea & Chat with Dr. Leslie Hammond 2.18.2021

February 18th, The Black ERG will be hosting an Artist Tea & Chat with Dr. Leslie Hammond on Innovative Planning in Urban Environments. Dr. Hammond will discuss potential for planners, of all kind, to empower communities to take ownership of their own built-environments. She will also introduce artists whose works and community-building activities transform urban communities, world-wide.

February 19th , The Black ERG will be having an introductory conversation with the Black Lady Planners of  Georgia Tech’s City and Regional Planning Program. This meeting will encourage a discussion about advocacy best practices, general career advice, engaging allies & transitioning advocacy work from school to the work setting.

February 23rd, The B&D Book Club will be reading The Good Lord by James McBride. Henry Shackleford is a young slave living in the Kansas Territory in 1856 when legendary abolitionist John Brown arrives. When an argument between Brown and Henry’s master turns violent, Henry is forced to leave town–along with Brown, who believes Henry to be a girl and his good luck charm. Over the ensuing months, Henry conceals his true identity to stay alive. Eventually Brown sweeps him into the historic raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859–one of the great catalysts for the Civil War. Join us for a great conversation!

February 26th ,The Spotlight Series will be a Black History Month Spotlight Special! Join us for a conversation about Historically Black Colleges and Universities. B&D HBCU alumni will share their college experiences, we will explore challenges and opportunities facing HBCUs and look at how the work we do at B&D can support HBCUs to remain so valuable to their communities.

Also, we are hosting the (#Justforfun) slack channel all month, so be sure to check it out & participate!

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